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How to Find a Good Smoothie Mix Supplier?

How to Find a Good Smoothie Mix Supplier?

Smoothie mixes are the most convenient and cost effective way to enjoy smoothies and their health benefits. There’s certainly no shortage of smoothie mix brands and suppliers out there offering what they claim is the best possible product. But how do you choose the best from the sea of options? The easiest way to tell if you’re looking at a product worth having is to read and understand the label. If you’re satisfied with the ingredients, you might consider taking a look at the other attributes of the drink. Vegans and others with dietary restrictions or preferences will need to be a little more careful with their choices. When it comes to the best smoothie mix supplier, it all comes down to what’s in the bottle.



Why Smoothie Mix?


Smoothies are a nearly perfect food, but buying them every day gets expensive and making them at home can be time consuming. You’ll need to keep your fridge stocked with fruit, which takes frequent trips to the supermarket unless you’ve got a monstrous refrigerator. You’ll need to peel the fruit, cut it up, measure out the ingredients, make the smoothie, and then clean up the mess you’ve just created in your own kitchen. A smoothie mix eliminates all of these problems. The best smoothie mix can be had for a very reasonable price and is easy to make. Just pour a little in the blender, add some ice, and get on with your busy life.



Ingredients List


It’s getting harder and harder to trust the products at the grocery store. Just about every product has a terrifyingly long list of ingredients, and usually juice is the last thing to be listed. More often than not, the first ingredient is some kind of sugar and water. When you’re looking for a smoothie mix supplier, the first ingredient should be juice or fruit, and the product should be labeled as "100% juice” with "no added sugar”. The best producers in the industry don’t add sugar or other additives that take away from the healthy aspects of the product.



Nice Inclusions


Some other considerations to take into account when choosing the right smoothie concentrate include the dietary concerns of the drinker. Vegans and those with gluten sensitivities and kosher diets, for example, will often have a more difficult time tracking down a suitable product. Luckily there’s a company out there creating kosher smoothie mix with pectin rather than gelatin, which makes the best smoothies attainable for just about everyone. Other things to look for are shelf stable smoothie mix options without harmful preservatives or the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Finding the right smoothie mix supplier might seem like a daunting task. Rest assured, the answer to your needs is out there and it’s easier to find than you might think. Just remember to check the labels before buying to ensure that what you’re getting is a healthy and nutritious smoothie mix that meets your dietary requirements. If you aren’t sure, it may be best to contact the producer directly. They’ll be happy to fill in any of the missing information you may be seeking and might even give a recipe or two to get your home smoothie making project off to a great start!

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